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            Make unremitting efforts for a better future in the world

Wuxi i-meng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  is a professional integrated circuit design company invested by China Key Syetem&Integrated Circuit Co.,ltd. (Wuxi), China Electronics Group (Beijing) Investment Fund, and employee backbone. The registered capital is 20 million yuan. Wuxi urban area with beautiful scenery and developed integrated circuit industry chain.

In the new era of rapid development of science and technology, Wuxi Yimeng Electronic Technology adheres to the development concept of strong research and development, high efficiency, credibility and contract, focusing on technology development in high-tech integrated circuit industry, establishing multi-level product development and technical support. Service system to provide customers with the perfect solution and products!

The company adheres to the corporate vision of making technology a better life, the company's self-controllable corporate mission, the corporate values of happy work and happy life, striving to develop its own research and development strength, focusing on outstanding professional, dedicated and entrepreneurial talents, through continuous project research and development, Customers provide quality technical support and products, and becoming the preferred business partner of our customers is our sustainable business goal.

There is an urgent need for the majority of people who are interested in the integration of integrated circuits, electronic circuit hardware and software technology, microelectronics technology, create brilliant, and make progress together!


Happy work, happy life


Chip autonomously controllable


Technology makes life beautiful

Core Idea

Responsibility innovation development win-win


Efforts to develop its own research and development strength, focus on outstanding professional, dedicated, entrepreneurial talent, through continuous improvement of the core competitiveness of chip design, to provide customers with excellent technical support and products, to become the preferred business partner of customers.